Story of Us

Man and horse… Dating back to 6000 years; The story of an ancient friendship where many paths full of victories, pain and difficulties have been overcome together… Horse, the closest friend of mankind, the symbol of nobility, power and success, have been the greatest helper of mankind, the most advanced weapon as long as it was well-fed and healthy and changed the course of civilization and history.
The horse, which was well cared for, therefore, healthy and used its performance at the highest level, crossed roads that were considered to be insurmountable, always helped its owner to win wars and carried him to victory. Realizing this*, people* have made continuous researches to feed horses* in the best* and most natural way, and aimed to “produce a natural fuel, beyond feed”.
As Horse Power, we started our studies in 2016 with this great purpose. We combined our strength with 70 years of idealistic experience in the industry and created Horse Power feeds that contain healthy, natural, rich vitamins and
minerals that we can describe as a natural fuel today. The contents of the strong Horse Power feeds presented as ready-made rations (mixtures) have been prepared according to the performance needs and development periods of your horses.
Everything is to offer our best friends the best…