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Man and horse… Dating back to 6000 years; The story of an ancient friendship where many paths full of victories, pain and difficulties have been overcome together… Horse, the closest friend of mankind, the symbol of nobility, power and success, have been the greatest helper of mankind, the most advanced weapon as long as it was well-fed and healthy and changed the course of civilization and history.
The horse, which was well cared for, therefore, healthy and used its performance at the highest level, crossed roads that were considered to be insurmountable, always helped its owner to win wars and carried him to victory. Realizing this*, people* have made continuous researches to feed horses* in the best* and most natural way, and aimed to “produce a natural fuel, beyond feed”.
As Horse Power, we started our studies in 2016 with this great purpose. We combined our strength with 70 years of idealistic experience in the industry and created Horse Power feeds that contain healthy, natural, rich vitamins and
minerals that we can describe as a natural fuel today. The contents of the strong Horse Power feeds presented as ready-made rations (mixtures) have been prepared according to the performance needs and development periods of your horses.
Everything is to offer our best friends the best…

Concentrate feeds are feeds that are produced through the mixing and processing (crushing, grinding, steam treatment, etc.) of more than one raw material that has achieved as a result of information and experiments for horses to fulfill their vital functions, to meet the expected productivity level (growth, pregnancy, lactation, work), to protect against diseases, to eat balanced.

Horses fed with grains such as oats cannot fully fulfill their expected
lifetime and productivity level. It’s because, although the grains have
high starch and phosphorus content, they are low in fat, protein, and
calcium. Besides, the starch contained in steam-treated cereals can’t
be fully digested by horses.
Horse-feeders can prepare their feed (rations). However, since the raw
materials to be used in feeds are not analyzed in a laboratory
environment, one cannot achieve healthy results. Therefore, rations
prepared without analysis cannot fully meet the needs of horses.
Some untreated feed ingredients have antinutritional effects. Based on
the consumption amount of feed raw material, this affects the
absorption of nutrients and the performances and health of horses.
The biological status of horses varies continuously. There are many
different periods such as foal period, over the age of one period,
pregnancy period, lactation period, mating period, a period of training
or running in the field and the nutritional values of horses differ in
each period. Therefore, one has to prepare different rations.
While producing concentrate feed, we first analyze the raw materials
coming to the factory. Based on the results of the analyses, we prepare
the rations and feeds by applying the necessary procedures for the
horses to benefit from the feed better. After analyzing the generated
feed once again and ensuring its suitability, we pack and ship them.



Rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. It can be used as an immune system booster, anti-inflammatory and leather, and hair shiner. Flax oil is highly digestible and is a good source of energy.




Soybean bagasse is a good source of protein. It is also rich in lysine amino acids, which will affect the vital functions of horses. Soybean oil is highly digestible and is a good source of energy.

Dried Fruits

Fruits are rich in sugar, vitamin, and mineral. In addition to energizing horses, it is one of the feed raw materials that horses love and want to consume.

Vitamin And In Concentrate Feed (Premix) Mineral

Vitamins and mineral needs of horses cannot be fully met in rations prepared using only vegetable origin feed ingredients. Therefore, vitamin and mineral supplements must be added to the feed. Besides, adding some nutritional supplements to the feeds helps to increase the digestion and absorption of the feeds, support the development of cartilage and bones, make the hair look bright and prevent nail problems and thus allow horses to
live a healthy life. Therefore, it is not necessary to use an extra feed additive in
addition to the horse feeds we have produced.


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